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Informatica Consulting

We're specialists in all things Informatica and data, our team is made of leading Informatica alumni and the team has delivered hundreds of projects over a decade. Whether you are new to data management or have an existing Informatica implementation you'll want to engage our team to assess maturity, best practices and realize the ROI of your investment. 

Our Services

Powercenter to Cloud Migration

We utilize our proficiency to assist clients in transferring their on-premises Informatica PowerCenter repositories, including mappings, mapplets, sessions, workflows, and more, to IDMC. We collaborate closely with our clients to verify the functionality and resolve any potential issues. Our track record includes the successful migration of numerous PowerCenter customers to Informatica Cloud

Cloud Data Quality

Being able to measure and quantify the quality of your data is an invaluable capability. CDQ allows you to profile, measure and track the quality of your data assets no matter where they are. We build our CDQ rules and dashboards to help you track the quality of data effectively. By having good quality data this enables your enterprise to trust the numbers and make confident decisions.

Cloud Data Integration

A good data strategy will always require integration of your data sources. Cloud Data Integration (CDI) is a core feature of IDMC and we leverage its broad set of connectivity with deep transformation features to rapidly deliver on your projects. Whether you are performing ELT, ETL, Reverse ETL the CDI service will cover all of your bases.

Cloud Data Governance Catalog

As data within your organization proliferates and becomes a key asset, data governance must take priority in your data management strategy. Depending on the industry you work in or simply handling PII/PHI datasets will place your under a set of strict regulations. Data Governance will allow you to manage what data you have, know where to locate it, help teams of employees find it and all agree on common terms to describe it. We assist customers in building their first data governance practice and help convert EDC/Axon to CDGC.

Cloud Application Integration

Cloud App Integration (CAI) can be seen as IDMCs swiss army knife for realtime or event based data integration. It allows the creation and deployment of webservices and APIs for use within your organization. What we love about CAI is its built in BPM features and deep integration with the rest of IDMC. The most popular feature we see is real time event streaming into backend datawarehouses.

Master Data Management

Once you have connected your data, and users trust that data you will want to take your strategy to a higher level with MDM. Ensuring things like contact, product and customer information is always accurate has a profound effect on customer interactions everyday. We support our customers through deployment, upgrades and MDM implementations.

Informatica Platinum Partner Certified

We're Platinum Delivery Certified.

This means our team has gone through advanced certifications for the entire Informatica platform and delivered successful projects to Informatica customers over years.

When seeking a partner, you will want to ensure they are certified to this level, guaranteeing a standard of project delivery that Informaticas own professional services adhere to.

Let’s Get Started

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