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Powercenter Migration

Informatica Powercenter has been a pillar of data management architecture since 1993. Consequently many enterprises have invested heavily into training their teams and creating hundreds of thousands of mappings and assets for automating data related tasks. We're now at the dawn of a new era with Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) bringing similar functionality as Powercenter and opening new possibilities for cloud based data architectures. Its never been a better time to migrate your Powercenter and we are here to support you on that journey.

Go Cloud

Automate Vision offers turn key services to convert your existing Powercenter assets into IDMC native assets. This means you're able to achieve the same level of functionality without manually rebuilding every mapping. At the same time with automated tools we speed up the process so your migration happens in months and not years.

Informatica also offers several routes to get to cloud:

  • Powercenter Migration With Advanced Tooling

  • Powercenter Migration Workbench - DIY Approach

  • CDI for PC

We assess your existing data requirements, illustrating how cloud environments can effortlessly scale to meet your expanding needs. Transitioning to the cloud brings advantages such as enhanced resource allocation and decreased IT costs. Gain insights into encryption, access controls, and compliance for robust data protection. We support you in adopting a comprehensive end-to-end cloud strategy.

Where To Focus

Strategic Planning and Roadmap for Cloud Implementation

A customized roadmap aligning with your business goals, featuring a personalized plan encompassing the optimal cloud platforms, deployment model recommendations, security framework, and migration timeline.

End-to-end cloud platform Management

After the deployment and go-live phase, our Managed Services elevate cloud operations, covering provisioning, security, RBAC, CI/CD, upgrades, and patches. Additionally, we offer support and enhancements for BI and CDWH to optimize your system performance

Assessment for Cloud Preparedness

Through a meticulous assessment of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, applications, data systems, business priorities, and security considerations, we adeptly identify challenges and pinpoint optimal opportunities, paving the way for your successful modernization journey.

Infrastructure Deployment & Migration

Efficiently execute data extraction, transformation, and loading processes for seamless compatibility and consistency in a new cloud environment and across diverse applications. Our support spans on-premises to cloud migration, crafting strategies for cloud data warehousing and data lake implementation

Cloud Data Governance

We assist you in complying with industry regulations and adherence to compliance standards. Creating a unified perspective of your constituent data involves integrating master data from various sources, ensuring synchronized information across systems.

Continuous Cloud Optimizations

Ensuring continuous optimization of your cloud resources, we proactively identify areas for cost savings. Our commitment involves monitoring cloud performance, conducting routine data quality checks, and implementing security measures to guarantee that your cloud environment seamlessly aligns with the dynamic needs of your evolving business.

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PowerCenter Migration

Pre-Flight Checklist

Review a checklist of things to prepare before kickstarting your PowerCenter migration.

Let’s Get Started

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